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Evidence of Teaching & Learning

Teaching Context

Please see my CV for a complete list of teaching experiences.

NCSU VMC 991 sec 255 Introduction to Conservation Health – Spring 2015

  • 29 first-year DVM students, 1 second-year DVM student
  • Lecture, seminar/discussion, service project, field trip
  • Elective
  • Course developer, coordinator, lecturer, discussion leader
    • Conceived, developed, & organized the weeklong extramural “selective” course
  • Minimal faculty supervision (Michael K. Stoskopf, DVM, PhD, DACZM)
NCSU ENG 101 sec 029 & 042Q Academic Writing and Research – Fall 2014
  • 39 freshmen undergraduates
  • Lecture
  • Required
  • Guest lecturer: Role of Writing in STEM, The Writing Process
  • Minimal faculty supervision (Anne Auten, MA)
NCSU VMC 991 sec 246 Introduction to Zoological Health – Spring 2014
  • 15 first-year DVM students
  • Lecture, in-class activity
  • Elective
  • Guest lecturer: Designing Parasite Management Protocols
    • Designed and implemented a case-based, active learning activity covering various aspects of quarantine, vaccination, and parasite prevention protocols, as well as manual restraint, physical examination, and exhibit evaluation
  • Minimal faculty supervision (Michael K. Stoskopf, DVM, PhD, DACZM)
NCSU VMC 991 sec 23 Introduction to Zoological Health – Fall 2012
  • 14 first- through third-year DVM students
  • Lectures
  • Elective
  • Guest lecturer: Designing Quarantine Protocols, Designing Vaccination Protocols, Manual Restraint, Designing Parasite Management Protocols, Routine Physical Examinations, Periodic Exhibit/Habitation Evaluations
  • Moderate faculty supervision (Michael K. Stoskopf, DVM, PhD, DACZM)
    • Provided lecture topics and general outline of learning objectives

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